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Wish to Become a Chartered Accountant? Here’s What You Should Know

Wish to Become a Chartered Accountant? Here’s What You Should Know

Most students from class 11th and 12th take up Commerce with an aim of becoming a Chartered Accountant. It is a finance based career which has an exceptional scope in both government and the private sector. Moreover, it is also a field that offers a great salary package to individuals. The basic advantage of pursuing a Chartered Accountant career is that an individual has an option of beginning a start-up.

Once you become a Chartered Accountant, you will get to perform various tasks and duties. These include – Accounting Services, Auditing and Assurance, Financial Reporting, Tax Consultancy, and Finance Outsourcing. As per the Company Act, each company or firm that is registered assign a Chartered Accountant.
It is important for them to hire a CA as that individual is responsible for handling different kinds of tasks like Finance Controlling, Finance Managing, Auditing as well as Finance Advising. So, there is a wide range of opportunities available for any individual who successfully completes a course in Chartered Accountancy.

The Scope for CA is bright both in India & outside India

A Chartered Accountant gets a handsome salary in-hand as it is a professional course. A CA can choose a specific career option from a broad list of alternatives. One of the fastest growing sectors is GSP i.e. GST Service Provider. It is an area that offers great opportunities to chartered accountants as well to those who have a financial background. Other than that, there are so many companies that are keen on hiring CAs in sectors like startup ventures, shops, and vendors. CAs can help them in making business registrations, uploading online invoice, timely tax filing, and goods & service tax. Even though it has been a long time since the introduction of GST, still a lot of people are unaware of it. This means there are several tax-related jobs that CAs can get in. GST Service Provider is an emerging field which is extremely fruitful for chartered accounts across India.

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What are the career options and Scope for Chartered Accountants?

It is important for an individual to complete all three levels of CA in order to get a good and reputed job. The fields where you can get a job include: –

  1. Chartered Accountant Firm
  2. Corporate Sector
  3. Manufacturing and Finance Sector
  4. Government Sector
  5. Banking Sector
  6. Academics Sector
  7. Consultancy Firms
  8. BPO – Business Process Management
  9. Independent/Self-Practice


There are various designations assigned to a CA:-

  • Chief Accountant
  • Head of Training
  • Chief Manager-Audits Department
  • Professor or Lecturer
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Manager- Internal Audits
  • Government Advisor
  • Chief Manager- System

The Scope of Chartered Accountant Outside India

There are various opportunities for chartered accountants outside India. What many people don’t know is that countries like Singapore, Canada, and Ireland have tied hands with India and offered various professional jobs. The organizations from these countries offer fabulous salary packages to Chartered Accountants. Therefore, individuals having ample experience in their respective accounting and finance field have a bright future. It is necessary to have enough experience as well as communication to land a job in foreign countries.
For further CA queries & answers simply get in touch with Accounts Tax Master. Our experts are available at all times to serve accurate solutions.

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